Ranbir Kapoor BarfeeBollywood’s first family, the Kapoors, have given this industry some of the most celebrated stars and quite a handful of memories that will forever be etched in Indian cinema’s golden history. Be it Prithviraj Kapoor’s chronics or Raj Kapoor’s on-screen versatility, the Kapoor’s have been everybody’s blue-eyed boys with every passing generation.

And when there were no male Kapoor’s, it was the Kapoor Kudis who took charge and carried the family baton! Karishma and Kareena kept the family name just as famous in modern times, only for reinforcements now by Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranbir Kapoor, Bollywood’s leading heart-throb is a charmer and is all set to imitate his grandfather, Raj Kapoor, in the upcoming film, ‘Barfee’ – where he plays the character of a dumb and mute crook.

The film has emotion and comedy in the perfect combination and it is believed that Ranbir’s character will emulate funny acts of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean and also enact some of the famous Raj Kapoor antics on screen. Ranbir has expressed how these three film icons have been his role models.

This is not for the first time that Ranbir has dedicated his performance to his grandfather – his first film used the on-screen name of Ranbir as Raj Kapoor!

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