Katrina KaifThere were rumours of Katrina Kaif being desperate to get on board with Salman Khan in any of his forthcoming films. In a complete turn, the fair-skinned beauty is running away and avoiding every possible event that would force her to face Salman Khan. Apparently the leggy lass has shunned the film ‘Bodyguard’ because she wanted to maintain a safe distance from Salman, so that they can give themselves some time to decide a further take on their relationship. Katrina is reportedly not keen on getting back with Salman as she has had enough in their five years of their togetherness; instead, she’s concentrating on maintaining a stable relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, as she isn’t able to get over their break up. Apart from declining ‘Bodyguard’ in which Kareena Kapoor has now taken the place of Katrina, there’s also one more high-profile project that might bring in Salman-Katrina back on the silver screen. This is Kabir Khan’s third directorial venture under Yash Raj Productions. Kabir Khan and Katrina Kaif are apparently on very good terms sincethey worked together as director and actor in Kabir Khan’s New York.

It was reported that Kabir was keen on getting Salman with Katrina for Salman’s first Yash Raj film, but rumor has it that Katrina still feels uneasy in the presence of Salman. Now after declining some big films, Katrina might not say no to her friend Kabir who gave her a big hit like ‘New York’. Now, when Katrina is doing another Yash raj film opposite Shahrukh, it seems that instead of Katrina, Yash Raj might not take the risk of replacing her, it could be Salman instead, as he still hasn’t given a nod to the offer.

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