Ragini MMSAs a well-known fact, the infamous ‘Ragini MMS’ was adapted by Ekta Kapoor to make a full-fledged film by the same name, revealing the story behind the controversial cyber crime. Though the film is shot similarly to ‘Love Sex aur Dhoka’, Ekta wants a couple of scenes of ‘Ragini MMS’ to be re-done. There are two intimate scenes in the film around which the story revolves and it is these scenes that Ekta wants re-shot.

According to Ekta the scenes ought to be much steamier to portray the exact emotions between a beautiful Mumbai girl and an aggressive North-Indian. The actors involved in the scenes are budding actors of industry – Rajkumar and Kainaz Motivala, who have been asked to re-shoot some intimate on-screen moments, to bring more authenticity to the story.

According to Ekta, “There’s no intention to titillate. I don’t want the chemistry between the actors to look contrived. The relationship between a beautiful Mumbai girl and an aggressive North-Indian boy needs to look believable and authentic.” Whatever might be your reasons to get the scenes re-done, the world is certainly aware of the Soap Queen’s tactics to grab eyeballs!

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