Vidya BalanVidya Balan hoped that she would never have to do a role wherein she has to put on weight. However, unfortunately, she has to do just that. Vidya will be shooting for DIRTY PICTURE, in which she plays the character of Silk Smitha. To play that character, Vidya has to put on some weight.

So the actress of ISHQIYA who has been bagging several awards for her performance in the film, has been asked to put on five kilos of weight.

According to a source, Silk Smitha had heavy thighs. So Vidya needs to put on some flab on her thighs and some other places on her body so that she can do justice to the character she plays.

The producer of the film Ekta Kapoor and the director Milan Luthria had been sourcing many pictures of Silk Smitha from the internet. In every picture, she was scantily clad, either wearing shorts or small petticoats. However, she appeared plump in the pictures.

So from this week onwards, Vidya needs to hog on food!She needs to increase her intake of carbohydrates. Vidya herself is known to get into the skin of the characters that she plays. So she will take that extra effort to put on weight, hoping to do justice to her role.

Well Vidya, weight gain and loss is not an issue today. You can do both equally fast. All you need is a good trainer and control of your diet, so you need not suffer nightmares over weight gains.

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