Sonali BendreAfter Yana Gupta and Neetu Chandra, Sonali Bendre seems to be suffering from a wardrobe deficiency syndrome, so to speak.

The list of pantyless personalities is getting longer by the minute.

The latest high profile female to get caught without a panty is actress Sonali Bendre.

However, for the record, the actress has said that she was definitely fully robed and that the pantyless reports or those of a wardrobe malfunction are all the figment of some people’s imagination.

It may be remembered that Yana Gupta, and Neetu Chandra, actresses who needed a strong story to put their names and faces on front pages and for becoming viral personalities on the web, were involved in such incidents too – they have denied having done so.

While Sonali Bendre’s acting career has seen better days at the top of Bollywood, currently she is involved in a number of projects on the small screen.

Sonaly Bendre was caught pantyless at a bash thrown by Karan Johar.

All the action happened when she stepped out of the car wearing a black mini-dress.

Paris Hilton is another personality who is notorious for pulling off such stunts, but it was a shock for the gathered people and the cameramen kept snapping.

The sudden chaos caused Sonali to retort, “I am happy that you saw it all”.

Source: Indian Express

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