Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra recently had a terrifying experience when the income tax department raided her residential premises suspecting tax evasion. As soon as Priyanka learnt about the raids she called her beau Shahid Kapur who immediately came in to support his lady love.

Apparently Shasha stays just three minutes away from Priyanka’s house and the lady admits that the first person she thought of calling during the crisis was Kapur. Priyanka who stays with her mother who wasn’t at home at the moment says dismisses all reports in the media that states the acquisition of Rs 6 Crores from her residence.

The lady says that neither would she keep that amount of money under her mattress nor has she that such a huge some together in her life. Well, the time was certainly tough but when your man is standing with you at this time, you are definitely the luckiest girl on earth.

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