No Pun intended, that would have been the thought prevailing in Salman’s mind when he disgraced the word ‘Bollywood’ on a social networking site. Well story goes like this, just a few hours ago Salman, through his Twitter account confronted to the world that he hates the term ‘Bollywood’ given to the Indian Film Industry.

Salman KhanAccording to him the term ‘Bollywood’ looks like a cheap imitation of ‘Hollywood’ and hence the word ‘Bollywood’ makes the stars look like’ Chamchaas’ according to Salman. And hence he urged on-line to give the defamed ‘Bollywood’ a new name to the beloved industry. Salman pleads and is it possible that the fans don’t oblige, hence Salman’s twitter account was flooded with all the kind of suggestions for the replacing names he had asked for, but the one he liked the most was the one called ‘ Hi Fi’ that’s an abbreviation of ‘Hindi Film Industry’ according to a fan who follows Salman on Twitter and guess what Salman just loved it. He described it as ‘super tweet’ as well.

Salman has always known to be a trendsetter, and now when he has decided to give Bollywood another name, would the rest industry follow this macho khan again ???!!!!

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