Ranveer AnushkaMillion times, Rani must have denied the news about she dating Aditya Chopra, the speculations are still going strong. People just don’t stop talking and every second day there is news about their marriage. But newbie Ranveer Singh accidentally confirmed the news.

BAND BAJAA BARAAT actor recently appeared on Karan Johar’s controversial show, ‘Koffee With Karan’ along with his co-star and ‘good friend Anushka Sharma. The boy must have won many awards and appreciation but he still needs to learn a lot of things to have a strong foot hold in the industry.

While shooting for the episode, Ranveer made a faux pas. When Karan asked Anushka if she thought she could act better than other actresses in Bollywood. Anushka replied, “Yes, barring one.” Before Anushka could make it clear that it was Kareena Kapoor she was talking about. Ranveer innocently blurted out, “MD?”

Even though Ranveer didn’t take Rani’s name directly, but he referred her as the “MD” of Yash Raj Films. According to the rumors, ever since Rani has started dating Aditya Chopra, she takes all the important decisions for the company. She is believed to be the head and people are afraid of her. Assuming that Ranveer has done one film with YRF and has signed a three film contract with them, he must know these facts and have confirmed them as true.

When Karan understood the situation, he immediately evaded the conversation by saying, “Let’s not get into that.”

Well, the young boy has definitely got himself into a trouble. Hope you have proper justification for the “MD”!

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