Rishi KapoorBollywood’s a place of dramatic and controversial fights and patch up, and after an ugly spat over a petty issue, Karan Johar and Rishi Kapoor finally have had their ‘kiss and make up’ moment. After the derogatory comments by Ranbir’s ex-flames Sonam Kapoor and Deppika Padukone on the Kapoor prince, Papa Kapoor was furious at KJo, saying he was the one who evokes stars to give in such controversial comments. Following the public fight, reports said that due to the clash of titans Rishi kapoor was out of Karan Johar’s remake of ‘Agneepath ‘, after which even Rishi barred Ranbir Kapoor to bond with Karan in any of the future projects.

But now slowly and steadily things are getting on smooth and after the both stars were allegedly apologetic on their rampant behavior , Rishi did make a comeback in ‘Agneepath’ but now Karan Johar has offered another meaty role to Senior Kapoor in his upcoming film ‘Student of the Year’. Earlier, the role was written, keeping in mind the persona of Amitabh Bachchan but due to his hectic schedule the meaty role has landed up on Rishi’s doorstep. Rishi Kapoor is expected to play a role of College professor and the role is quite a pivotal one, and is counted on he lines of one of the leads.

If all goes well Rishi Kapoor along with Shahrukh Khan will be one of the college professor’s in KJo’s next ambitious project.

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