Kangana Ranaut the bold and beautiful Btown actor, has done various kissing scenes at the start of her career, be it her lip-lock with Emraan Hashmi in the film Gangster or her bold character in the film ‘Fashion’, she does whatever the script demands, but recently when a director asked her to kiss Mika for a song she didn’t oblige!!!! The Bollywood actress who’s currently having most films than any other actress in the industry was recently shooting for a special promotional song for her upcoming film ‘Tanu weds Manu’ where she would be seen shaking leg with singer Mika who’s making a special appearance in the film through the song.

Kangana RanautDirector thought that the song might have a great impact with Mika-Rakhi style kiss in the end, but on just hearing the idea Kangana was completely fumed with the director for suggesting such an idea to her, and she declined the offer as soon as it was offered, saying that she is not Rakhi Sawant. Reportedly Rakhi Sawant is angry with Kangana’s comments and said, ““How dare Kangna do her publicity gimmicks, firing from my shoulder. I have never kissed Mika. He had forcibly planted one on me and the world knows that. If Kangna is so publicity hungry, she should have kissed Mika for the song and become famous. Why resort to talking about Rakhi Sawant to gain mileage.” Now this seems like another cat fight in the making!!!

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