Ranveer SinghThe new actor on the block, Ranveer Singh is receiving all the accolades and awards for his performance in his debut film ‘Band Baaja Baraat’. The man is definitely on cloud nine and cannot stop praising himself after receiving praises from the best in the industry. From Shahrukh Khan, to Yash Raj to Karan Johar, everyone is gaga about this new would be superstar.

But is he actually a megalomaniac and a show off? Well that’s his co-star and “Good Friend” Anushka Sharma has to say. According to Ms. Sharma, Ranveer is always talking about himself and steals all the thunder. Off late Ranveer was also spotted carrying a pile of magazines with him on the cover and showing them off to SRK.

He is definitely overwhelmed with the response he is getting from the industry and the audience. And as they say, If you have it why not flaunt it. We wish him all the luck with his future achievements.

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