Deepika PadukoneBollywood’s leggy lass Deepika Padukone is one desirable woman for men of all generations. The girl herself has been surrounded by the most desirable men on the list. The nation’s latest heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor was clean bowled by the beauty just after they came together for a film, but eventually the things didn’t work out and the couple did fall apart. After dating the prince Kapoor she got another hot-shot man but this time from the field of business. Being professionally associated with Suddharth Mallya and his dad Vijay Mallya, Deepika found her love amidst work and till now she’s seen in the joyful company of the rich-and-handsome Siddharth Mallya.

Every party, every celebration or just a special screening of films, Deepika has been seen with junior Mallya at most of the places. But in spite of all the attention she gets from the men, and in spite of being haunted by the best, the sultry actress still claims that she hasn’t found her dream man. Yes the actress who till now has got the best of both worlds doesn’t find perfection in any of the men she has dated till now. Recently she gave a statement that she hasn’t found her man yet. Now this statement might have its dual affect on the prince Kapoor and prince Mallya, her past and her supposedly present interest. While the Kapoor lad gracefully stained his name for Deepika, the Mallya scion too is shedding weight getting in shape and producing a film to please his lady love. But seems nothing so far have got the interest of Deepika, now the hunt for her dream man suggests her single status or is a warning statement for the men to pull up their sock to impress the girl, up for the grab, is for the men to decide.

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