Ranbir ImranBollywood’s two latest heart-throbs, Ranbir kapoor and Imran Khan are known for their on-screen charm and persona. Off-screen too the two have been the favorite amongst the girls, but the race to be successful and popular was not just limited to reel professional life. The animosity deepened to their real life also. It’s a well known fact that at the time of their inception in mainstream Bollywood race, the two were thick of friends, and every time the two came together their friendship was quite evident and drew people’s attention. That was the prime reason that they replaced stars like Shahrukh and Saif as Filmfare host.

The friends turn hosts as partners on stage was mind-blasting as the two’s compatibility was declared super-hit, as they took the audience by storm. But later things turned out to be ugly between the two friends supposedly after Imran’s then girlfriend and now wife, Avantika Malik took a dig at Ranbir at a special screening of Raajneeti.

There Avantika criticized Ranbir and his work so much that the people present there overheard the gossip and the talks were spread to Ranbir Kapoor, who was later reported as quite miffed over Imran and her spouse. But now things seems to be certainly better and hence the two are back to smiling ways as the two have been seen bonding over quite a few times. And this rebound friendship showed its true colours when again they hosted the Filmfare awards. Well Bollywood is such a place where no one can predict that who turns foes and then turns their enmity to humble bonding. Seems the younger generation too is keenly following their senior stars who are wel lknown for their famous cold wars.

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