Sara KhanWhile the team of Zee TV’s soap ‘Ram Milaye Jodi’ is busy with the much awaited “Big Fat Indian Wedding” of Sara Khan (Mona) and Nishant Malkani (Anukalp), comes the actress’ request for a skin specialist.

She was terrified of her skin breaking out into pimples with the over use of make-up for the shaadi and the harsh lights. It’s another thing that she is already being pampered with visits to the spa & salon to look the part of a glowing & beautiful bride.

According to an insider from the sets, Sara got annoyed and she locked herself into her vanity for one-and-a-half hours when she didn’t get an immediate approval.

She was so keen to get a good skin specialist on board that she was even ready to pay the doctor on her own if there was any hesitancy in hiring one.

As the wedding episode is to be shot in a span of three days, Sara is worried that the umpteen make-up changes would damage her clear & beautiful skin.

So, despite all the efforts to assure her that her skin would be taken care with the best make-up products, the production house is on the lookout for a good doctor to keep her smiling.

And for now, they will get a specialist to calm down the actress’ anxiety and give her tips on how to keep her skin glowing and prevent it from getting affected from excessive make-up.

“Bride of the Year” Sara Khan, who recently made a national spectacle of her wedding to boyfriend Ali Merchant on a reality show, is all set to tie the knot on television yet again – this time for her latest fiction show on Zee TV, Ram Milaayi Jodi.

With her Punjabi character Mona getting married to a Gujarati chhora Anukalp, there’s a wide array of multi-cultural bridal finery in store for Sara’s nuptials. Apparently, with both families fairly insistent on having the marriage rites performed “their way”, we’ll soon get to see Sara first don the garb of a typical Gujarati bride and then quickly slip into the fine threads of a Punjabi dulhan with equal aplomb!

Sara in the traditional white Gujarati Panetar with red Bandhni borders … Sara in a designer lehenga with the traditional Punjabi Chuda and Kaleera, viewers can look forward to a delightful extravaganza of Sara’s varied and diverse bridal couture coming up on Zee TV’s Ram Milaayi Jodi in the coming week.

And can the big, fat Indian wedding be complete without some naach gaana? Not really! So, you’ll see Sara in Garba chic at a Dandiya Raas and an elaborately sequined, embroidered Punjabi suit for the Gidda.

Source: IBNS

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