Vivek PriyankaThis January, Vivek Oberoi will be off for his long pending honeymoon with his bride Priyanka. After performing for a New Year bash, Vivek will be spending some quality time with his wifey on a yacht in the middle of the Red Sea to spend his honeymoon!

The hot couple has also made it a point to go eco-friendly, wonder how? Their honeymoon tour is organised by an eco-friendly company that arranges holidays for people, use a certain percentage to rehabilitate ecologically damaged places like jungles where wildlife is endangered, beaches where turtle breeding have been hampered and coral reefs that are dying out.

A sober Priyanka brought it to Vivek’s notice that one could be environmentally responsible while on holiday too. Sweet na? Vivek‚Äôs better-half wins brownie points for this noble initiative!

Source: Big Oye

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