Sara Khan and Ali MerchantAfter a much hyped marriage on the national channel show Bigg Boss 4, the couple Sara and Ali relationship has been reportedly taken a dramatic turn as the duos are splitting. Sara Khan mother also reported that the duos were never in favour of the relationship.

Sources further reported that Sara’s mother revealed that they never liked Ali and were opposing marriage. She told that they wanted this relationship to get over.

Other buzz is that as per report of one of the spokesperson of the actress, Sara found many objectionable things when she came out of Bigg Boss house. Ali has supposedly misused her funds and that led to a big confrontation between the couple.

Sara Khan even asked Ali, a few days ago, to move out of her apartment in Mumbai so Ali is living with his parents. However, Ali has denied the rumour saying that he has temporarily moved to his parents’ house as Sara’s family has not yet accepted him as their son-in-law.

Ex-participants of the show aren’t surprised and most of them said that it was expected. On being told, actor Manoj Tiwari broke into laughter. “I always knew it was a drama.” Rahul Bhatt says, “I am not at all surprised by the news. It was all fake since the very beginning, and I had warned everyone.” Sakshi Pradhan says, “They were a couple only because it brought in TRPs.”

Both Sara and Ali tied the knot Nov 10 in “Bigg Boss” house, but within 43 days the reports came that the two are living separately in Mumbai.

Well, complete details for their parting away is not disclosed till now but is it another way for the duos to get publicity?

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