Isi Life MeinCast: Akshay Oberoi, Sandeepa Dhar, Mohnish Bahl, Prachee Shah Paandya; Director: Vidhi Kasliwal; Rating: 2.5 ouf of 5.

Debutant director Vidhi Kasliwal has clearly made this film under the strong influence of her uncle Sooraj Barjatya who coined his own syntax of cinema – of platonic romance and marriage ceremonies. The script is pretty hackneyed and therefore predictable. But the setting, cast and the music is refreshing – making up somewhat – for the moth-eaten plot. Rajnandini (Sandeepa) is a cute teenager from a small town in Rajasthan. She’s kept on a tight rope by her disciplinarian dad (Mohnish Bahl) and restrictive granny (Shagufta Ali, imagine she’s now been reduced to playing daadi roles!) However her liberal minded mom (Prachee Shah) wants to give wings to her gifted daughter’s dreams. So she bundles off her daughter to Mumbai under the pretext of learning exotic cookery but in reality she admits her to a college for further studies. Well this college is full of prismatic graffiti, vivacious students dedicated to the Dramatic Society. Academics hardly seem to figure anywhere on the campus. The students are casting, rehearsing or promoting their play for most of the time. Into such dramatic setting walks in our sweet, naïve and conservative Rajnandini. Just like the good old 60s, our heroine starts off by confronting Vivaan (Akshay Oberoi), the college stud by refusing to let him into the auditorium because he has no entry ticket. Tsk, tsk not realizing that he’s the head of the said dramatic society!! Well one thing leads to another and Rajnandini ends up joining the drama gang. She even lands the lead role in their next play, Taming Of The Shrew with Vivaan as her hero and director.

Akshay SandeepaToo much fun is happening Isi Life Mein and you know a jerk is just round the corner. And sure enough, the disciplinarian dad drops by to check his daughter’s progress in culinary art and that very day Rajnandini, now known among her friends as RJ, has gone in for a makeover from shorn stresses to a slinky dress! Ouch, dad hauls her over the coals for lack of “sanskar” and whisks her off from the foul company of the mod pals. Back in Rajasthan, he quickly arranges Rajnandini’s marriage to a wealthy groom. But of course, DDLJ style Vivaan and his gang gate crash the wedding celebrations and start ingratiating themselves to the family. Like the girls take over the make-up and hair for all the wedding guests while the boys take over the decoration department. Vivaan searches for fat granny’s slippers from under her bed! And when the ‘ladkewale’ demand for some extra wedding gifts, Vivaan and his gang raise the requisite funds from their own belongings – camera, jewelry and the dramatic society funds. Cute na! That’s when RJ’s dad gets a rude awakening call from his conscience. You see, that’s what the basic premise of the film is according to the young director Vidhi – never mind if they use swear words or not touch their elder’s feet, today’s youth has it’s heart in the right place – they go to any length to help their friends!

Akshay and SandeepaAh all is well that ends well! The teen lovers are finally united. To debutant director Vidhi’s credit, the film flows easy but the script remains time warped. Akshay Oberoi’s melting eyes and Sandeepa Dhar’s natural innocence make them a charming couple. Never mind that they really have no romantic scenes or chemistry in the film, but they fit their parts perfectly. Rest of the gang is nothing like Jaane Tu Na Jaane Na… but it comprises stock characters like the fat friend, bossy girl and the besura singer et al. Shailesh Mahadik and Sheetal Kanvinde’s sets blend in well with the story and Aviram Mishra’s cinematography is picturesque. But Abhay Pandey’s edit should have been much sharper in the climatic scene of staging of the drama, which stretched on endlessly. Music by Meet Bros Anjjan is refreshing, modern and catchy. But on the whole, the Rajshri entrant serves old wine in a new bottle, she doesn’t dare to think out of the box.

Finally, Another squeaky clean – saccharine sweet romance from Rajshri’s posing to be progressive. But the fresh new pair of Akshay-Sandeepa is definitely worth checking out.

Source: Bollywood Chaska

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