Sonakshi SinhaAs Sonakshi was parting from the platform a big cluster of people start on chasing her persistently. A few of them move excessively close for console and begin saying, “Idhar dekho naa, humse baat karo naa” and then when Sonakshi attempted to flee away on or after the crowd, a few of them incongruously stroke the actress on her shoulders and arms.

Traumatized by the incident Sonakshi was in tears, immediately her bouncers hurried her out of the location and put her in the car. Later on her supervisor issued a declaration expressing that the mob’s activities was just intolerable.

They did a huge disturbance, entirely disrespecting the narrator on the boards. They yet tumbled over and strike each other.

And the fact is that it doesn’t take place in only in Delhi. Subsequent to the complain of Gul Panag of molestation during Delhi marathon, Dabangg artist Sonakshi Sinha as well was stressed by a crowd of boys, who not just made remarks on the actress however as well stroke her on her shoulder and arms.

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