Sanjay Dutt TwinsSanjay Dutt and Maanayata’s twins were brought home from the hospital a few days back. The couple has finally named their babies. The boy is called Shahraan and the girl, Iqra.

Sanjay’s son Shahraan’s name comes from two words ‘Shah’ means ‘royal’ and ‘Raan’ is ‘knight’ or ‘warrior’. His daughter’s name ‘Iqra’ means ‘to educate’.

A close hand reveals that their names were picked by Sanju and Maanayata when they’d gone on their Egyptian holiday a few months ago. Shahraan is a Persian name while Iqra is a Hebrew one. The Dutts wanted their boy’s first letter to start with the letter ‘S’ like Sanjay Dutt and his father Late Sunil Dutt.

Beware Bollywood, SD junior is the new kid on the block!

Source: Big Oye

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