Akshay OberoiFirst cousin of Bollywood actor Vive Oberoi, Akshay Oberoi is a big fan of Vivek’s rival Salman Khan.

The debutant actor is the new face of Rajshri Productions. This he said in his twitter. He said that he prefers to follow Salman over his own brother Vivek.

During an interview he said that he has met Salman a couple of times and that he got inspired by him.

When asked about the spat between his cousin and Salman, he gave a very unclear answer and said that Bollywood is like a family and both the actors are like brother to him. And in such cases differences do happen.

He also does not believe that he has replaced Salman as the most lovable `Prem’ of the Rajshri films. He has played the character that is named Vivaan. He is someone who wants to achieve everything in life, but his father wants him to study.

In all the new movie of Rajshri is a love story. Akshay also added that he had been in love with movies when he was 10 years old and is happy to get the opportunity.

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