Rakhi SawantItem-girl and a TV star Rakhi Sawant has been accused by a Jhansi-based family to be the reason of their son’s death, who participated in Rakhi’s reality TV show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’.

Lakshman Prasad died a few days after he returned from the show, and the family accuses that he was very upset with the remarks made by Rakhi, and had stopped eating and died.

On the show, Rakhi termed Lakshman as “impotent”, which didn’t go well with Lakshman and his family.

Lakshman’s mother Savitri Ahirwal says, “My son was so upset with the indecent remarks that he stopped meeting any outsiders or neighbours, who used to laugh at him referring to the remarks by Rakhi Sawant…They (neighbours) had seen the show and how that girl (Sawant) referred to my son as ‘namard and napunsak’ (impotent).”

“Upset over the remarks, my son went into acute depression and even stopped eating food… He gradually became weak and frail and ultimately died yesterday… No one other than Rakhi Sawant is responsible for the untimely death of my son,” she added.

In October, Lakshman Prasad and his wife Vineeta had appeared on ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’, a show in which Rakhi Sawant plays the role of a judge and announces verdicts in cases of domestic violence, marital discord and others.

Lakshman’s family now plans to file a case against Rakhi Sawant.

Source: Big Oye

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