Break Ke Baad WallpapersCast: Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone; Director: Danish Aslam; Rating: 3 out of 5.

The modern traits of the youngsters, in connection with the relationships, are dealt in the film Break Ke Baad. The ill-fated verity is that a particular story in an Indian cinema gyrates around a subject and sticks to the very old issue at the conclusion, though commenced with a novel start. Forget it, the smooth handling of the story of the current film led to perplexity at some spot. However, the volatility of the younger generation is portrayed in much better way. The inconsistency in the conduct of the lead pair is aptly given a picture of.

Imran DeepikaThe appalling aspect is that the protagonist is too pardoning and compliant even as the leading lady hardly minds his minute aspect. His righteousness is to the degree of accepting her in spite of her lost interest. Director Danish Aslam forgot that certain group of obviously related units of which the extent and nature of the relationship is imperfectly known never tends to adjust under any circumstances.

To a particular scope the protagonist is depicted as a person with possessiveness and insecure nature. Such personality is rather unsafe for a lover or any such kind and consciousness in this case is absolutely not viable. The frivolous and ambitious leading lady unreasonably alters by the reason that her man is totally a changed individual. The instant occurrences in the film are specious. The film is appreciable for the cause that moral values are given right of way to some amount.

Imran on top of DeepikaAbhay makes friends with Aaliya during their childhood, which blossoms to love in their adolescence. Post courtship of ten long years Aaliya leaves for Australia to pursue a course in mass communication, prior to which she has a lengthy argument with Abhay. The latter who reluctantly concurs to their parting stays in touch by communicating with her recurrently. At a particular juncture Aaliya wants to impede contact with Abhay for a brief period though, which makes him feel more insecure. Consequently, he reaches the place where she resides and following a heated spat Aaliya declares her break-up with him.

In accordance with his wish to change her mind he settles down in the place and starts his own business. Unwavering Aaliya proceeds in the path of perseverance and succeeds in attaining graduation in her respective field. In no time a prospect knocks her door for which she feels elated and wants to share it with her dear ones. Meanwhile, Abhay’s paternal aunt who is divorced for three times urges him to marry. Later on, owing to the dramatic alterations Aaliya makes up her mind to go back to Abhay. She reaches him by the time of his wedding preparations. The final resolution has to be watched on the screen.

Hot Deepika and Hunk ImranImran Khan in the soft role of Abhay did his best and undoubtedly proved himself. Deepika Padukone as Aaliya delivers a wonderful performance. Lilette Dubey as Abhay’s aunt did a good job. Veterans namely, Naveen Nischol as Abhay’s father and Sharmila Tagore as Aaliya’s mother did justice to their tasks. All other technical departments are good but the director should have been taken interest in producing a reasonable cause for the instant changes.

Source: Cine Goer

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