Deepika Padukone‘Aaliya believes a facebook status doesn’t determine your relationship status!’ – reads Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone’s status on the social networking site. Wonder who is Aaliya Khan and what Deepika is upto?

Deepika’s fans and followers are surprised and confused to see why the damsel has transformed into Aaliya Khan. Well, we tell you that Aaliya is Deepika’s screen name in her upcoming film ‘Break Ke Baad’ where she stars opposite hottie Imran Khan.

Looks like she is taking her character too seriously. Or is it a novel way to promote her film? It’s the tech age after all….

‘Compromises are important. However, Aaliya has a problem when the relationship becomes compromising,’ reads another status message of Deepika Padukone on Twitter.

Since when have the actresses taken over the sole responsibility of promoting a film, we ask? C’mon Deeps, we want our original Deepika Padukone back on FB and Twitter! We are so dying to know what’s happening in your real life…

Source: Big Oye

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