Crook MovieCast: Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma, Arjan Bajwa, Kavin Dave, Gulshan Grover; Director: Mohit Suri; Rating: 3 out of 5.

Set in the backdrop of the recent racist attacks on Indians, in Australia the Emran Hashmi-starrer, Crook-It’s Good To Be Bad is a film worth watching for- not for its action or romance, but for its theme. Director Mohit Suri has done a decent job with Emran Hashmi once again living up to his regular bad-boy image.This Friday has given cinema goers a movie of a new kind, with a new theme- much much better than the Ranbir-Priyanka starrer, pathetic Anjaana Anjaani which had been nothing but old wine packed in a new bottle of the worst kind.

EmraanThe story of Crook is: Jai(Emran Hashmi) is a self-centred playboy who is least bothered about the rest of the world, until he comes in contact with Suhani (Neha Sharma) whose sister was murdered by her Australian lover. Banking on the sentiments of the Indian community, her brother, Arjan Bajwa is baying for the blood of that Australian lover’s sister with the slogan, “Behen ke badle behen”. The film explores the causes of the Indo-Australian clashes across Australia and portrays the faults of both sides. At the end, it’s negotiations, compromise and mutual understanding that works and establishes peace and mutual respect between the two warring communities.

However, don’t expect much from the movie. Just the theme and some Punjabi beats of Pritam Chakrabarty to enthrall you, anything else you enjoy is a bonus. The first half is not worth remembering at all,- consisting of sleazy romance and sex with the Australian night club dancer, but the film gathers pace in the second half where ideology scores over violence. In the end, it’s just another Mukesh Bhatt movie with love, sex and a message for the society.

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