Kashish DhanoyaA Punjabi film “Mitti” was released last year, in which singer Mika debut as an actor.

His heroine Kashish Dhanoya was a newcomer who looked simple and sober, dressed in salwar suit.

Though ‘Mitti’ was confined to Punjab only, Kashish moved on to try her luck in Mumbai’s glamour world.

In very short time, she found out that the “Behenji” image won’t work in Mumbai and that it’s difficult to stand here without a Godfather.

She realized that she will have to walk on the path of Mallika Sherawat if she wishes to stand somewhere in this industry.

Likewise, she first got a glamorous photo shoot prepared for herself.

Kashish DhanoyaLuckily, stars were on her favour and she got signed up by the very first producer she approached to with her portfolio.

And probably you can figure out the reason behind this…. Kashish’s photos were so appealing and glamorous, that the producer fell for her!

The movie is “Ek Aadat”, which is going to be released in a few months.

The movie is bold, and so is her character in it.

In the film, Kashish loves one hero and has physical relations with another one. And the moral of the movie is also bold “If a man can have relations with more than one woman, then why there is a chaos when a woman does a similar thing?”

Kashish is already in talks for her nude scene in the movie.

In a recently released movie, “Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta”, British Indian actress ‘Aruna Shield’ gave a ten-minute nude scene.

Seems, newcomers are depending more on their bodies than acting skills for climbing the success ladder.

Source: IBNS

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