Crook MovieCrook Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma; Director: Mohit Suri; Music: Pritam.

The film is about Emraan Hashmi, a young boy living a poor lifestsyle, who actually lives with his girlfriend played by Neha Sharma. They both met while studiying for their chemistry exams in college, and love-at-first-sight happened for both. He asked her out, and she replied yes and they became a great couple. Now they study with eachother’s help and love eachother as much as they can. They do everything for eachother, they live happily, until one day when terrorist’s attack their college, abduct Neha, and take her away and murder some of the students, while planning bombs on their college since they have a rivalry with the principal. Now it is Emraan’s duty to save his college, save his classmates, save Neha, and most of all save his honor and respect.

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