AsinIt’s only after Ghajini that B-town’s next-door-girl Asin Thottukomal took up acting as a career ‘seriously’; at least the actress claims so.

“It was after my fifth film (Ghajini), and a Filmfare award, and a State award that I finally decided to take it (acting) up as my career,” said the pretty dame recently, speaking to a television channel.

“I think I am doing this job for my love for it and for the passion that I have for it. I think the day I’ll stop enjoying it, I’ll pack my bags,” she said.

The actress confessed, up to a certain point in her career, her father used to accompany her to the movie sets and now it’s her manager who joins her on the shooting floors.

“Mine’s a very small family. It’s just dad, mom and myself and we are very close knit,” she gushed.

Even though Asin started her acting career down South, way back in 2001, and soon became a household name in the region, it took her some time to enter Bollywood.

The actress burst into national limelight in 2008, starring opposite superstar Aamir Khan, in the mega blockbuster Ghajini, which went on to become the highest Indian grosser of all time, till Khan’s next (3 Idiots) came along.

And even though she hasn’t exactly been able to top the accolades that she garnered for her much-loved role in Ghajini, she has been going strong in Tamil land and also has been bagging endorsements one-after-another.

She said the brand endorsements are not really a distracting thing.
“It’s a sign of how much the people accept you. It’s not a choice that you make on your own anyway. The multinationals do their polls, do their tests, and they pick you. So I think it’s a sign of how much you’ve managed to connect with people,” she said.

She received a lot of flak in her state however, when she went to the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka, to shoot for a film with co-star Salman Khan, but she maintains politics and arts should not be mixed.

And what about the future, does she have any big dreams for her career?
“I haven’t really set another target or a big dream, I just want to be known as a good performer, as a talented performer and whatever opportunities I get, to get to that aim of mine, I would gladly take them up,” said the actress.

Source: IBNS

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