Sherlyn ChopraControversy’s favourite child Sherlyn Chopra has created yet another hullabaloo when she stormed into the men’s loo at a city event last night.

On Thursday night, the sex siren created a stir at a late night event by storming into the men’s room even though the ladies one was not occupied.

The starlet reached the venue late by many hours and after unveiling a magazine cover featuring her, she headed straight to the conveniences.

However, instead of going into the ladies room, she chose the men’s one and smoked a cigarette there. After spending a good 20 minutes there, she came out and told the organisers that she cannot attend to the mediapersons as she was not well.

When an organiser insisted, she remarked, “I can’t stay. I have some problem. It’s a girls’ problem.”

When a source spoke to one of the organisers, she confirmed that Chopra smoked and puked in the washroom. So yes, may be she was right in telling that she is having a girls’ problem. Any guesses, anybody?

Source: Big Oye

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