Bipasha JohnBipasha Basu is multi-tasking these days…doing films, shooting ads, hitting gym for fitness, tweeting, and of course, there’s John. In addition, the sultry beauty is shouldering a new responsibility of being face of a Bengali channel. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu catches up with the hot bod in Kolkata.

What made you become the brand ambassador of a Bengali entertainment channel?
I am extremely proud to be associated with a happening and diverse channel like Mahuaa Bangla. This is like homecoming for me because Kolkata is where I originally belong to. My roots lie in this city.

Your latest film Lamhaa is receiving quite positive reviews. Were you a bit apprehensive about donning a burkha and playing a Kashmiri woman, instead of playing a hottie?
Not at all. I know if my fans truly love me, they will accept me in any avatar…after all, I am an actor and should explore my genres.

But at one point you wanted to leave this film?
No I never left the film; but I left Kashmir. When we went to shoot there for the first time, a lot of incidents happened which were very disturbing and scary. We have to admit this fact that Kashmir is unpredictable. It’s a beautiful place, there is a lot of security, but kab kya ho jaye sabko bahut darr lagta hai. During the first one week, there were stone-throwing, mob used to stop shooting almost every day. I was brave enough to last there for seven days. But then, when we went back for the second time after elections, it was very relaxing and calming. It felt like a different place altogether.

You have done quite a few de-glam roles in recent past (Apaharan, Corporate). Is it a conscious effort to balance glam and de-glam roles?
It’s not that I have played de-glam roles in Apaharan or Corporate or Lamhaa…they are realistic. In Corporate, I play a top brass of the company who dresses up very glamorously. But the no-make up look added realism to the character. In Lamhaa, I play a girl who heads a party. She has a lot of fire and strength in her…she is the one who can combat even in a salwar-kameez. Or, take the Bengali filmSob Chatritro Kalponik…there I look very glamorous in saree, bindi…but that’s realistic…that’s how Bengali women dress up. So, you see, realistic films and commercial cinema…that’s what Bollywood is all about. And I feel, if I can create a balance, it’s fun for an actor.

Now you have a place in Bollywood. So you can take a risk…
I disagree with you. Look at the film in which I debut (Ajnabee)…no newcomer would have taken a risk to debut in a negative character when there was so much choice. But I did that film because I found the role different. Even when my career was booming, I choose a film like Jism which every A-list actresses were refusing and were scared to do. I always go by my gut-feel. I don’t have a tried and tested formula for success.

It seems you love experimenting with life. You wanted to become a doctor and then went on to become an actor. True?
I was a science student and I still feel science was the right field for me. I was a good student. But taking up commerce for graduation was a wrong decision. I had no interest in commerce. So, it’s very important to make your choices right. But then, I have done so much in life that I can’t ask for more. In fact, my inclination towards bio sciences has resurfaced in the past 6-7 years. I am an actor by profession, but my passion is health and fitness. The reason I have got into this fitness thing is because of my understanding and wanting to understand the human body right.

Media buzz says, John Abraham is behind your ‘fit and fabulous’ look…
John has inspired me in many ways. But many times he confused me as well. For example, when I had put on a lot of weight, he was the only one who never told me about my flab…he still used to call me ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’.

Source: TWF

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