Nikita AnandShe is barely some few films old and that too her latest film ‘Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De’ is a super flop but she has already started acting pricey!

We are talking of Nikita Anand over here.

A press meet-n-greet with the cast consisting of Nikita and Suniel Singh was organised in Delhi. The producer says she is not worth traveling by train and demands a flight ticket, that to a business class.

“She said that she will travel in business class only and asked them to change her flight to 2.20pm and then said 3.30 pm,” informs a source. Producer Harbir Malik says, “I incurred a loss and had a bad face amidst my family, friends and media when she didn’t show up on a trivial matter! Thank God, Suniel Singh reached there.”

What’s more, the producer will be initiating an action against her! Hmm, we suggest Nikita to learn some tricks of Bollywood to stay in action!

Source: Big Oye

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