Viveka BabajeeEveryone in the fashion fraternity suddenly seems to be talking about model Himangi Pate.

Now, you must be wondering who Pate is. She is rumoured to be the woman who stockbroker Gautam Vora (the man named by the late model Viveka Babajee in her suicide note) was seeing before he met Babajee.

A source said, “It was apparently because of Himangi, whom Gautam had been seeing for about a year, that he couldn’t commit to Viveka, whom he met later.

“In fact, at one point of time he might have been seeing both women simultaneously. It seems that when Himangi came to know about Gautam’s wayward ways, she decided to break off the relationship.”

Interestingly, their mutual acquaintances say both women look similar in height and build. Pate was a regular on the Page 3 circuit along with Vora. She now says that she and Vora are estranged.

The source said Vora couldn’t handle the pressure of maintaining relationships with both women and ultimately came to a point where he had to choose one.

The source said, “Viveka’s diary entry read, ‘I just need a little space in your life, Gautam’.

“Viveka had apparently decided to make their relationship public at Gautam’s birthday (June 26) party, which she was planning. Unable to take the pressure, Gautam apparently decided to break away from Viveka.”

When we called Pate on her mobile, a friend answered. On behalf of Pate, she told DNA,“She [Pate] has nothing to do with Gautam at the moment. Let the law take its own course.”

Source: DNA

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