Actor Rajpal Yadav is in news again for his forthcoming film Kushti where he will be seen wrestling with WWE champion The Great Khali. Excerpts

Rajpal Yadav and The Great Khali

Tell us something more about your film Kushti
The story of the movie is based on a small village in North India where wrestling is the most popular sport and a wrestling match is held every year. Two wrestling rivals Avtar Singh and Jiten Singh have been competing with each other in wrestling for many years. Avtar Singh’s daughter (Laadli) is a huge fan of actor Salman Khan. I play Chander, who is a simple postman. I am madly in love with Avtar Singh’s daughter.

How was it playing a postman?
It was the first time I am playing the role of such a humble and simple postman; so the experience was quite interesting.

Your co-star in the film is Khali. How was your experience working with him?
It was a great experience working with Khali. He’s very down-to-earth. He never made showed off and I never realized that Khali is an international WWE wrestler by his modesty. We could spend only 8-10 days with him but in that short time I found out that beneath that entire tough exterior he is a simple man by heart.

Did you enjoy the fight with Khali in the movie?
To be very honest I don’t want to be compared with Khali. I can never dare to even think to fight with him in a wrestling match. Initially I was very scared of getting hurt very badly by shooting for that wrestling match as Khali is extremely powerful. Moreover he’s 3 times my height and size. But luckily the wrestling went well and everything is alright with me, that is why I am standing here, right in front of you.

How do you think audience will respond to the film?
I have full faith and confidence that the movie which is filled with so much laughter and comedy that the audience will be rolling on the floors. All of us have worked extremely hard towards making this movie and the director Rajeev Kumar has done an excellent job in directing the movie.

It was said that the director Rajeev Kumar cannot converse in Hindi. Did it become a problem during the shooting of the film?
Absolutely not. Rajeev ji has assisted Priyan ji (director Priyadarshan) in his films and this is entirely Rajeev ji’s movie. When the audience will see the film, I am sure even they wouldn’t be able to know that the movie is directed by a non-Hindi speaking director.

Source: IBNS

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