Nargis BagheriNargis started her film career in 2005 in Akshay Kumar -John Abraham starrer Garam Masala. Now she is all set for her solo lead in Khali and Rajpal Yadav starrer Kushti. Excerpts

What is the storyline of Kushti?
The story of the film is very sweet and simple. It shows the simple and humble life of Indian villagers. The story takes place in a north Indian village where a wrestling match held every year decides the trusteeship of the village. Two opponents Jiten Singh and Avtar Singh both want to win the match and become the trustee of the village. I play Laadli the daughter of Jiten Singh and Rajpal Yadav plays the role of Chander, who is head over heels in love with me and is ready to compete in a wrestling match with the WWE Champ-The Great Khali.

Compared to your other roles, Laadli is quite a non-glamorous role. What made you say ‘yes’ to it?
Kushti has a very different storyline and is not like the movies which you get to see nowadays. I always want to play roles which are not repetitive and challenging. If you see the movies that I have done before none of my roles are similar to one another. And I always wanted to play the role of a village belle. Laadli is a lively and a vivacious village girl. She is a complete movie buff and is in love with a Bollywood super star.

How was your experience working with Khali?
Well, at first I was very apprehensive about taking up the movie. I mean as a girl I am not a big fan of a WWE and it seemed like a men-dominated film where I would be just shown in song and dance sequences. When I read the script I really felt this role was very challenging and a dream role and I had quite a significant role in the movie. When I first met Khali I was a bit scared of him, but once I got to know I found out he’s really gentle and kind hearted. We were shooting in extreme hot conditions in south India and he used to always tell me to take care of myself and he was concerned for each and everyone‘s welfare who were working in the movie. His heart is definitely bigger than he is. He is a wonderful human being and an extremely good co-star.

So, does Chander win the fight with Khali?
You have to go and see the movie to know that. Chander and Khali’s fight outcome form the climax of the story and if I tell you the suspense it would be no fun watching the movie.

Do you think the audience will like the movie?
Yes…definitely… why not! We have so hard towards making the movie it is bound to be a success. Like I said before it has a different and a unique storyline. The movie has got some of the best comedians of the film industry and they have made sure that they will have their fans rolling over in laughter when they watch the film. And plus I am sure the audience will flock the theatres to watch “Khali and Rajpal’s fight sequence.

You will be seen on the big screen after almost one year. Do you have any more projects in your kitty?
Well, I am not just an actress. I am also involved heavily in political activities and social work. Since I hail from a political family I actively take part in politics and also I work for an NGO PETA. I have also taken up flying as a hobby. So if I get a good movie with a unique storyline I will definitely take up the role.

Source: IBNS

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