Sushmita SenSushmita Sen and Vivek Oberoi have become friends again. They had been sharing cold vibes for long now and have of late become the best of buddies. And this newfound friendship has led everyone to believe that there might be more than just friendship between the two. You may recall that Sush and Vivek didn’t talk to each other after Vivek dated Aishwarya Rai. The two took special care to avoid each other at social functions and didn’t even exchange pleasantries for quite some time. Sources said the thaw started only recently when they walked the ramp together for a cancer awareness show. And of late, they have been interacting a lot. The discomfort between them is a thing of the past. In fact, they have become good friends now.

Besides, Viveik is banking heavily on his forthcoming ‘Prince’ but that doesn’t mean one can sky rocket his price. Recently, when a clothing brand approached him for an endorsement, Vivek demanded a whopping Rs 25 million for the deal. But the brand opted for Neil Nitin Mukesh who agreed to be on board for Rs 17.5 million. Neil is excited as everybody knows that he is better in commercials than on silver screen. Wish Vivek had waited until the release of his ‘Prince’.

Source: Smash Hits

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