Raima SenActor Raima Sen used to become a scared little soul on the sets of ‘The Japanese Wife’ when she started shooting because she was afraid of the director of the movie — the much acclaimed film-maker Aparna Sen.

A source working on the project informs, “Raima heard that Aparna Sen is a task-master and that she does not spare anyone even if there is a minute error. Aparna is a perfectionist and she likes each and every member of her crew to be a perfectionist as well. Filmmaking is her passion and she likes to work with people who are equally passionate about their work. She does not waste time in loose talk and her professionalism rubs on to everyone.”

Raima confirms the same: “Initially I was very scared of Aparna Sen because I heard that she was a tough task master. But I bonded with her. Each time she screamed at me for not getting a scene right, the next thing she would do is to pamper me. She treated me like her daughter. There were times when she would end up calling me Konkana instead of Raima. Every evening after the shoot we would go for long walks.”

The informer adds: “People who haven’t been able to match up to her high standards have naturally not got an opportunity to work with her and perhaps they have gone around telling others that Aparna is a tough task-master but I can tell you that, that’s not the case. Raima too seems to have heard that Aparna Sen is tough to work with. She was wrongly told that if she would make a mistake, Aparna would come down heavily on her.”

Source: IBNS

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