Hum Tum Aur GhostCast: Arshad Warsi, Dia Mirza, Sandhya Mridul, Boman Irani, Zehra Naqvi, Shernaz Patel, Tinu Anand, Javed Sheikh, Asawari Joshi, Rituraj Singh, Ashwin Kumar, Neelu Kohli and others; Director: Kabeer Kaushik; Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

A completely clunky wouldn’t want to watch this immediately after Karthik Calling Karthik. Many similarities to the story, there is a shrink Shernaz Patel that Arshad Warsi visits here and Shefali Shah in the previous film. It’s Dia Mirza instead of Deepika Padukone lending a helping hand to her boyfriend after realizing that he’s suffering from a mental disorder. Here it’s not the phone call but it’s the ghost, again a perceived notion or probably a hallucination. Armaan (Arshad) is a confident, fun loving guy working for Cosmopolitan as a photographer, and shares a great relationship with Sandhya Mridul his colleague, he loves Diya. But there’s a problem..he sees the dead and they talk to him.

That part of the story is fine because no one believes him and he believes it’s true and divine having conversations with the, playing agony uncle. He knows their secrets, lets them into his body when the ghost’s spouse or son want to talk to their beloved. Sounds weird. So far so good, but the movie turns boring after Arshad Warsi is hell bent on solving the problem of every ghost he sees. His girlfriend comes to terms with his odd behaviour after trying to put sense into him that they have a life too that they need to live, and not just aiding the ghosts.

The conversations first appear hilarious but later bores you to death, one wants to rob a bank, other wants to hug her dead husband, a son wants to meet his father, a woman wants to meet her son and the list goes on. Dia is vexed and so are the viewers, she drives to death and biggest of surprises await you. It’s like Arshad Warsi is struggling to make the live Dia understand his predicament but she doesn’t and now she is in the threshold of turning into a ghost. One she does she sees sense..a ghost tells her, “See you didn’t believe him, he is talking to us”..aargh. Before you are scandalized with the turn of events, Dia springs back to life and in the next scene they are taking marriage vows.

Psst..even while they agree to be man and wife Arshad sees the ghost amongst the guests. The good news is he ignores them.

The title is misleading for those who expect to see a horror film, it’s happening to having ghosts as an integral part of the movie as another character artiste. They are friendly, they don’t harm and they also provide some chatpata entertainment till the suspense is revealed. Directors, filmmakers have developed a soft corner for patients suffering from a past, some personality disorder. But one wouldn’t want to have an overdose of subjects.

Dialogues are a let down..cinematography is pleasant, Dia is effervescent but the seriousness of Arshad Warsi’s illness is lost as he makes too light of the ghost’s plight..with the script getting shabby and hard like Dia’s chocolate muffins towards the end. Looks like the directors of both the films have a twin problem..that only something anonymous or perhaps a ghost can solve!

Source: Cine Goer

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