Aamir KhanHe is perhaps the undisputed king. He comes up with only one movie in a year and makes it a blockbuster hit. And his latest movie, ‘3 Idiots,’ has set the record for the highest grossing Bollywood movie. But still, he says that he has no competition in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan and King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan have long been in a rift, but Aamir believes that he is not competing with anyone, and especially the other Khans of the B-Town.

In a recent interview, when Aamir was asked about his rival and Bollywood superstar SRK, Aamir said, ”I’m not competing with SRK. There was never any war of supremacy so there is no question of starting or stopping any debate.”

He is said to be on a break nowadays, and his movie, ‘Peepli Live,’ has already gathered enough appreciation at various film festivals. His fans would ideally be waiting for his another hit.

Source: Big Oye

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