Rahul MahajanThe atmosphere around Fatehgarh Palace is tense…the brides-to-be have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their celebrity ‘nanad’ (sister-in-law) Sambhavana Seth on the sets of Imagine’s ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega’.

The moment finally arrives and the ‘dulhe raja’ (bridegroom) Rahul Mahajan heaves a sigh of relief as his sister cum friend is here to help him make one of the most important decisions of his life.

Marriage is a sacred institution, and so is the bond between a ‘nanad-bhabhi’ special.

Taking charge of the situation, Sambhavana shot various questions at the girls in front of Rahul to gage their personality.

Most of the girls were caught unawares and few of them fumbled!

Some girls came across as confident while some came across as genuine.

However, Sambhavana was not going to leave anything to chance.

She requested Rahul to leave her and the girls alone so that they could spend some time together get to know them better.

The girls were nervous as well as tense. What if Sambhavana disapproves of them? Or will she put in a good word for them to Rahul? What followed next was a serious grilling session between the girls and Sambhavana on a one-on-one basis?

While some were cross-questioned about their motive of coming on the show, others got comfortable and confided in her, while some others got along with Sambhavana like a house on fire.

That’s not all! To ease the tension in air post their tete-e-tete, Sambhavana decided to break the ice with the girls by dancing with them.

The girls were amazed at Sambhavana’s dance moves and learnt a few of her signature latkas and jhatkas.

However, what these girls are unaware of is that the girl who manages to carve a niche for herself in Sambhavana’s heart will be gifted with something special that will also save her from being eliminated for an entire week! Now isn’t this the beauty of a good nanad-bhabhi relationship?

Source: IBNS

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