GulzarIs Gulzar a copy cat? If you listen to the words of the song ‘Ibn E Batuta’ from the movie ‘Ishqiuya,’ and would read a poem written by poet Late Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena, you would also think the same.

“Ibn Batuta pehen ke joota, nikal pade toofan mein” are the lines written by poet Saxena, where the words Ibn Batutua do not stand for any meaning. And read what Gulzar has writen, “Ibn Batuta bagal mein joota pehne to karta hai chchurrr.”

Well, many experts say that Gulzar must have invented some other words of his own. But when Gulzar was asked about it, he denied commenting. “I can only talk after the Grammy on this,” he said.

Well, the Grammy are over, and we request you to come forward and clear the fuss spreading around that you have cheated!

Source: Big Oye

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