BachchanThe saga at the Bachchan household gets spicier every day.

While the dailies continue to fill their pages with ‘yellow’ news from the Bachchans, Amitabh seems to have found a perfect timepass in lashing out at the media in his blog.

A leading Mumbai daily had published an article which said Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ahs been undergoing treatment for stomach tuberculosis and hence her pregnancy plans have been delayed.

As far as media reports suggests, the ‘news’ is a false one.

But the way Big B reacted to the news, is something really dramatic.

“I am too incensed and angered by the contents!! Not a single portion of the article is true!!” Bachchan wrote in his latest blog.

“I am the head of my family. Aishwarya is not my daughter – in – law, she is my daughter, a woman, a lady in my house and home. If anyone will speak derogatorily about her, I shall fight for her till my last breath. If you have something to say to the men in the house, Abhishek or me, I shall bear it. BUT .. if you shall make injudicious remarks on the women in my home, I shall not tolerate it !!!” his blog read.

Now, it’s surprising that even after being in the tinsel town for so long, Mr Bachchan doesn’t know how to handle rumours!

Source: IBNS

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