VeerCast: Salman Khan, Zarine Khan; Director: Anil Sharma; Rating: 3 out of 5.

This week go watch Veer only if you are a braveheart. Get ready to face the dead! Take a look at what we thought of this week’s new releases.

We didn’t walk in with much expectations but perhaps we should have had none at all! Salman Khan in orange and red dhotis, poor music, no story and a chubby version of Katrina Kaif…. That’s Veer for you. The film is about the Pindhari clan who battle the British to avenge their dishonour and get their land back. The scale and sets of the movie may impress you at first but slowly and very steadily everything else in the movie falls flat on its face. Anil Sharma’s direction is as loose as Salman Khans script and their combination spells disaster on screen. Salman’s performance is intense but his dialogue screaming will get to you eventually. His new lady love on screen lives up to the Katrina Kaif look alike promise and that’s about it! Watch Veer only if you are a braveheart. We give the film 1 star.

Marriage SceneFrom the Hollywood stable comes Zombieland. What happens when a timid shy nerd who is scared of practically everything on earth meets someone who doesn’t have any fears? Well, we are not sure if they can conquer the world, but yes Zombieland for sure!

In a world stricken by Zombies, Columbus, the cowardly lead of the movie has made a list of must Dos and donts to survive a town plagued by a mad cow disease. So the regular drab philosophies like using a seat belt to being healthy become survival instincts for him. And just when you think you had enough of those rules, comes the no-nonsense Harrelson who throws anything and everything that comes his way on the unsuspecting Zombies.

But the cool duo is not just facing the threat of zombies…but girls too and smart ones at that! Wichita and her sister Little Rock live by the adage Trust No-one- and they beat the men at their game again and again until cupid plays cool!

The movie has its share of gory and ewwww moments but it sure keeps your interest going with well timed one liners and juxtaposition of unconventional direction and treatment. So, we don’t say that you’ll die laughing in the theatre, but the giggles are sure to reverberate! We give Zombieland a green signal with 3 stars!

Source: UTV Bloomberg

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