Post-Rock On, Purab Kohli has become a director’s favourite. But the actor told India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu that it’s not easy to have a foothold in Bollywood. Excerpts

Not all VJ’s can make it big in Bollywood like you have…
True. But know what? It’s not easy for a person to make his career in Bollywood.

There are many factors…I can’t give you all. But then, the competition is really stiff here. Today, every other person is super talented. So, unless you have something extraordinary in you, it’s difficult to make a cut here.

And what is the ‘extraordinary’ thing in you?
I am yet to discover that. But so far, I guess, my hard work and determination paid. The luck factor is there as well.

Last year, you got a Filmfare certificate instead of an award for ‘Rock On’. You said you will have to work really hard to earn a trophy. But weren’t to a bit disappointed?
I told you it’s not easy in Bollywood. You have to work really hard and intelligently to earn your name and of course, film awards.

Do you think it helps if a person comes from a film-background?
No. There are many instances where people coming from a strong filmy background too could not establish himself in the industry. Today, we have sharp filmmakers who make sharp films for sharp audience…there is no scope for any non-sense. Either you cater to the demand of the industry or you go for an alternate career.

Your forthcoming film ‘Hide and Seek’ has an intereting title. What kind of a film is it?
It’s not just the title; I believe the movie is interesting too. It’s a dark and mysterious flick about 6 childhood friends who play a game of hide and seek on Christmas night and as they grow up, they find themselves playing the same game unknowingly in a deadly way!

What’s your role in the film?
I play the character of Om and I’m paired opposite Mrinalini Sharma who plays Jyotika in the film.

The film has a huge star-cast. Does it have much scope for your character?
Definitely! Each character in the movie is significant and we had enough scope to play our roles as the story itself is of 6 friends.

‘Hide and Seek’ boasts of a thriller tag. Is this movie any different from what we’ve seen before?
‘Hide and Seek’ is not a usual thriller flick, it will keep you glued to your seats. Different techniques have been used in the film which makes the film quite mysterious. It’s Shawn’s debut and hats off to him for being so creative in first film.

You’ve always chosen unconventional roles in your past films. What genre of films you exactly want to do?
Well, I always wanted to act in an action packed film but never got a chance. I’ve already worked in a serious film like “My Brother Nikhil” and now I’m working on a typical Bollywood flick full of dance and songs.

You’ve worked with so many directors; whom did you like working with the most?
I’ll be brutally honest here, I really like working with Onir who made the film “My Brother Nikhil” and “Bas Ek Pal”. I think he’s extremely creative and I’m currently working with him in his upcoming film “I’am” which is based on a set of different stories.

What’s your upcoming films?
There is “I’am” with Onir as I mentioned before then a movie with the director of “Bheja Fry” and also “Geeta in Paradise”, “Rectangular Love Story” and “42 Kms”.

We’ve heard that you are planning a movie with Yash Raj banner?
Well, we’re discussing on that project. Let’s see!

Source: IBNS

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