Class room boardChetan Bhagat, author of Bestseller ‘Five Point Someone’, on Tuesday said he has ‘moved on’ from the ’3 Idiots’ controversy now that ‘everyone has come to know the truth’.

“While we maintain our stance on the issue, me and my fans want to move on; and we have,” Bhagat wrote on his blog under a post titled ‘Closing remarks’.

Making his stand clear that he was never given the script, Bhagat wrote, “Top level oral narration is something else and anybody in the film industry will tell you is very different from actually giving the written script.”

“Notice they keep saying Chetan has ‘heard’ the script, not ‘read’ it. In the oral narration, they told me only about the changes,” the novelist said.

“Please also note NDA he flashes which has a date of Oct 3, 2007, the so-called narration date. The adaptation deal was done in September 2005. Raju (Hirani) said it took Abhijat (Joshi) ‘3 yrs and 2 months’ to do the script in other interviews. Hence, even if Abhijat started on the deal date, the script was finished in November 2008. So, how could Raju Hirani narrate it to me in Oct 2007?” he questioned.

The author also asked people to read the entire interview (of Bhagat) the producers are quoting from. “I maintain that my story is the base,” he added.

Bhagat stated that the producers did not buy rights of the book, but only the rights to adapt the book for the Aamir Khan-starrer film.

“A basic error they continue to make – whether out of lack of knowledge or to evade the issue. And yes there is a contract to adapt the work – but it doesn’t mean they can claim authorship of the story. You can buy a painting, not claim you painted it – basic copyright law,” he said.

“My points are valid, and I am not a liar,” Bhagat added.

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