AishwaryaAfter a face-off with Salman Khan recently, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan bumped into Vivek Oberoi on Saturday at Andheri Sports Complex. Aishwarya and Vivek were there for Mumbai police event titled Jashn 2010-Dhamaka Bollywood Ka.

After Vivek entered the stadium, he was shocked to see that his seat was right next to Aishwarya’s.

A close hand said, “Vivek literally froze at the prospect of sitting next to Aishwarya. He simply refused to enter the function.”

The organisers somehow managed to convince him to sit exactly where they wanted.

The close hand added, “There was space for one person between Aishwarya and Vivek. Asin was sitting there seconds before Vivek entered. She left that place to perform on stage. Vivek entered when Asin had left her seat.”

As soon as Vivek sat down, Aishwarya took a sneak-peek at him.

The close hand further said, “She became very restless and began fidgeting. Vivek could sense her discomfort. He suddenly turned and looked at her.”

Designer Manish Malhotra who was standing nearby, came rushing in and sat between the two. Vivek left his place in a few minutes and went away.

Manish said, “Yes, I was sitting between Aishwarya and Vivek. But I didn’t rush in. I was already sitting with Asin on my left. Vivek came in after Asin left to perform; it was he who was sitting in Asin’s place, not me.”

Source: Big Oye

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