Sushmita has adopted a child for the second time. The child is a three-month-old girl. The actress already has an adopted daughter, Renee.

Sushmita Sen with daughter

Sushmita says, “I am feeling on top of the world. I have named her Alisah, which in Greek means joyful. She is a very happy child.

Alisah slept with Renee in her room for the first two weeks. Sushmita says, “That was Renee’s condition. Now, however, Alisah has a room of her own. You have to see Alisah’s room. It is like a play van.”

Did Renee want company in the form of a sibling? “Of course. But you know what, I wanted to be a mother all over again. Motherhood is very special. Bahut dinon se khayyal tha lekin High Court ruling ka problem tha. The earlier rule was that if you have adopted a girl as your first baby, you can’t adopt another girl child. And I wanted a girl. Thankfully, three months ago, the High Court changed the ruling. You can’t imagine how happy I was after hearing that. Honestly, I was over the moon. And I am still over the moon.”

Source: IANS

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