Sharukh and Farah KhanShah Rukh Khan has refused to be a part of Shirish Kundar and Farah Khan’s Joker, giving rise to further speculations of the fallout between Farah and him.

Shirish Kunder announced the three films that he and his wife Farah Khan were working on recently. Tees Mar Khan with Akshay Kumar and Alien Sahib with John Abraham are two. Joker is the third one that the couple will make. The script of the film was written with Shah Rukh Khan in mind. But since he refused to do the film, Shirish has now offered the role to his new good friend John Abraham, who also stars in Alien Sahib.

A close hand reveals, “Joker is very close to Shirish. He spoke to John about it a few days ago. John loved the role and has given his consent to do the film. The film requires immense pre-production work, which is in process now.”

The film will have lots of special effects. Shah Rukh was also to produce the film but things didn’t work out. The film will now be produced by Shirish and Farah’s banner, Three’s Company.

Source: IANS

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