SaifTrust Kareena to inspire the rest of the world to be a lean, mean machine! The latest actor to go on a veg diet for a slim physique is Agent Vinod, ah.. we mean Saif Ali Khan who is preparing for the lead role in his home production Agent Vinod.

Saif, who is contemplating turning a vegetarian, has cut down on meat to cleanse his body. The actor has decided to avoid non-vegetarian food to shed some weight and follow the footsteps of ladylove Kareena, a non-veg-foodie turned strict vegetarian. .

“Except for a few occasions, I will follow a very controlled diet and give my system a break by giving up eating non-veg. But I want to clarify that if I am giving up eating meat it`s not for religious purposes or because I`m keeping a mannat. Following a diet and eating healthy vegetarian food clears up the system” says Saif.

What more? Chote Nawab is following a diet plan laid out by Kareena`s dietician Rujuta Diwekar who is best known for turning a plum Kareena to size-zero sensation! Interesting?

Source: IANS

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