AR RahmanOscar winning music maestro A R Rahman is definitely going places. Rahman is performing at the historic Parramatta Park near Sydney on January 16 as part of his world tour, and believe it or not, for the first time in the history of Australia a concert has been declared as a ‘vehicle-free event’.

What more? The event has also been declared a ‘glass-free event’, and no booze would be allowed while the concert is on. It is a free concert and anyone can just walk in. The organisers and the country’s police feel the presence of about 70,000 or more people at the event will cause huge traffic jams in Sydney bringing the city to a halt.

So, this move is to make his show a success without any complications. The double Oscar-winning composer and musician will promote peace in the nation after recent news of assaults on Indians living there.

“The event is expected to attract a massive number of people from across the world. They want see the Slumdog Millionaire composer and the Oscar-winner belt out his memorable Hollywood and Bollywood compositions. Many acclaimed singers and artists from across the globe will also perform alongside Rahman,” informs a source.

The organisers have even launched an advertising campaign asking people to leave their cars at home and enjoy Rahman’s live performance that will go on for over two hours.

We are sure Rahman will continue to create history in the days to come. Jai ho!

Source: IANS

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