PosterThe Shiv Sena are at it once again and this time unfortunately Kareena Kapoor is at the receiving end of their wrath along with producer Karan Johar who seems to have become a soft target for them. Karan’s ‘Wake Up Sid’, directed by Ayan Mukerji fell into trouble with the MNS wherein they threatened to stop the release of the film in Maharashtra because in a few places in the film Mumbai had been referred to as Bombay.

Karan was forced to publically apologize and scamper to add a disclaimer slide at the beginning of the film. This time around, the Shiv Sena is upset with the hoardings of ‘Kurbaan’ which although produced by Karan’s Dharma Productions, has been directed by first timer Rensil D’Silva. The creative in question uses a bare back shot of Kareena standing in front of Saif which the Shiv Sena have forced Karan to now remove. They even went to the extent of putting up a sari on one of the prime hoardings to ‘cover up’ Kareena and also landed up at the actress’s home to protest but luckily Kareena was not there. Karan on the other hand has once again been threatened with dire consequences if he doesn’t change the creative and stop its usage in any form of communication immediately and in order to ensure the film sees a proper release in Maharashtra, Karan has obliged. It looks like sadly the concepts of freedom of speech, democracy and artistic expression are all things which do not fit into the Shiv Sena propaganda. What’s even more mind boggling is that the creatives of the film had been approved by the censors as per the norm and hence one is forced to wonder what the purpose of the censor board is, if the Shiv Sena have the power to take final decisions on what is and isn’t suitable for city’s people.

Source: Movie Talkies

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