Ayesha TakiaAyesha Takia is very angry. Her father-in-law, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Abu Asim Azmi was physically abused by a MLA of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) during his swearing in ceremony on Monday in Mumbai. The uproar happened when MLA Abu Asim Azmi started taking his oath in Hindi, in spite of MNS’ demand that all legislators should take the pledge in Marathi.

Ayesha Takia Azmi lashed out on MNS whole and soul Raj Thackeray and his party. “I am shocked and disgusted by the behaviour of Raj Thackeray and his people. The way they behaved with Abu Azmi during today’s swearing in was really unbelievable and disgusting. How can we ever feel safe in a place where gundas are allowed to behave as they want?”

She said, “I love this city and we all do so how does it matter if we say Bombay or Mumbai? My grandfather was Marathi and my granny is British, my father Gujrati and my husband Muslim. I have always been cosmopolitan and don’t see why in this day and age it matters who belongs to what language.”

Ayesha further said, “Hindi Marathi English and any of our languages are allowed while taking the oath. We live in love and respect each other irrespective of cast and language. So why are gundas like Raj Thackeray and others allowed to break and kill our peace?”

Ayesha wants action taken on this whole incident. She added, “Our other respected leaders including the chief minister and other parties must unite and kick out Raj Thackeray and MNS. Law must take action. If action isn’t taken then this will be the beginning of breaking the peace!”

Source: IANS

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